Transfer Files from Old Computer to New Computer

March 9, 2016

One of the main problems with buying a new computer is transferring your files from the old machine to the new one. This is where Vogla can help you.

Vogla offers a Backup up product which will automatically make a copy of the important files on your computer and save them in your online Vogla account. Once the files have been stored online you can simply download the Vogla programme to your new computer and download them onto it. To help you with the transfer we have created a simple 4 step guide below:

Transfer Files from Old Computer to New Computer

1. Sign up to Vogla 

First, make sure you have a Vogla account. Please click this link to sign up:

We offer three different products. In order to transfer a lot of files from one computer to another you will need to sign up for either the Vogla Standard or Family product. Vogla Backup will enable you to transfer files from an old machine to a new computer. The Vogla Family plan account will enable you to transfer files from up to ten machines to new computers.

2. Placing your files on Vogla

Next, use your old computer to login to your Vogla account. Click on the “Download Windows” buttons on the homepage to download the Vogla Desktop software.

Once Vogla has been installed, click on the Vogla icon on your computer’s toolbar (this is found at the bottom right of the screen). Select “Manage Backups” from the main menu and the program will open.

All folders with a green tick next to them are being backed up. Please make sure all the files you want to keep are placed in the selected folders.

Vogla will now automatically start sending your files to your Vogla account.

Please note: the time it takes to do this will depend on the upload speed of your internet connection, the file size, and the amount of files you are uploading to the cloud.

3. Download files to your new computer

You can track the progress of your uploads by clicking on the Vogla icon in the toolbar and then by clicking on “Status”.

Once your files have been transferred to your Vogla account you can start adding them to your new computer. Simply log into from your new computer, click on “Account Settings” and then click “Software Downloads”. If your new machine is a Windows computer please click on the “Download for Windows” button.

Please note: Windows 8 users should download the Windows software and not the Windows 8 app in order to restore all files to their new machine.

Once you have installed the software, right click on the Vogla icon found on the task bar at the bottom right of your Windows desktop screen and select the “Restore backups” option.

This will open the Restore menu. You can select which folders you want to restore on the right and then can simply click the “Restore” button and your files will be downloaded to your new machine.

4. Keep your files backed up!

Vogla lets you do a lot more than just transfer your files from one computer to another. Vogla will automatically backup your files, making sure you never lose key documents, even if your computer breaks or gains a virus. You can also view your files on Vogla from anywhere; you can download your office documents at work, stream your music or films in another location, or view your files through one of our mobile apps.

The Vogla Pro product also enables you to edit files from anywhere, backup unlimited computers, and share files with your family and friends.

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