How Vogla can help Wedding photographers

February 25, 2016

Weddings are one of the most common jobs for photographers. Happy couples across the world see their wedding day as one of the most important days of their lives and so they make sure they have someone to capture it.

Backing up your photos

One of the worst things that could happen to a wedding photographer after shooting the happy couple is for you to lose the files. The happy couple wouldn’t be very happy and it’s likely you would have to give them a refund. Vogla backup is the best way to make sure you never lose your photos. Simply upload the files from your camera to one of your backed up folders and Vogla will begin backing up the photos while you start editing.

Sending your files to the Bride and Groom

After you have captured the couple’s big day you need to send them the photos. Many wedding photographers offer free photo downloads within the wedding photography package. The problem is that sending and displaying the photos can be quite difficult if you do not have a website. Uploading them to a photo sharing site would also be frowned upon, would enable anybody to see them and the site may even have adverts.

Instead you can upload them to a private sharing folder on your Vogla and send the address and password to the couple. They will be able to review all of the photos and download them with ease.

Your Photography is Everywhere You Are

You take a camera everywhere you go. Why not take all your photos and photography too? With Vogla, you can organise, backup and share your photographs from anywhere — on your computer, on the web, on your iPad and on your iPhone or Android device. And when you make an edit or flag a favourite in one place, it's automatically updated everywhere else through Vogla cloud technology. We recommend Wedding photographers use VOGLA

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